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Débouchage canalisation Nîmes
Remplacement de Wc Nîmes
Installation de machine à laver Nîmes
Réparation et installation de chaudière à Nîmes
Installation et réparation de chauffe eau à Nîmes
Pose de robinet à Nîmes
Installation climatisation nimes
Pose et débouchage d'évier à Nîmes
Pose filtration eau à Nîmes
Pose de douche à Nîmes
Débouchage de WC à Nîmes
Remplacement de siphon
Pose et débouchage de canalisation à Nîmes
Pose et réparation de radiateur à Nîmes
Installation de plomberie à Nîmes

Plumbing and heating installer and repairer in Nîmes

Emergency number (based in Nîmes) 24/7 at 06 52 16 32 69

Our team of expert in plumbing at home is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year in Nîmes in the department of Gard (30) and its surroundings within a radius of 15 km (complete list of villages: emergency plumber ), to take care of all your water leakage problems, hot water or heating failure, unblocking of pipes, installation and repair of air conditioning ... quickly and with all the skills of a heating plumber ! The satisfaction of our customers is an everyday objective, especially in terms of prices and quality of service: patience, efficiency and professionalism. Our motto: we will not subscribe you until your plumbing concern is resolved , so you are at the ideal place to find a trusted plumber in Nimes for a plumber emergency .

Sos plombier Nîmes

Response within 30 minutes - see the map of the area served

A skilled craftsman plumber on call intervenes in less than 30 minutes in Nîmes for all urgent interventions on your water network, a water heater leak, a broken tap, blocked toilets, or even a repair of a gas boiler. The plumbing company in Nîmes also performs the installation of piping, descaling valves, installation of water heaters, changing a toilet flush, replacement of sink, unclogging toilets, repair of a boiler, search for leak, troubleshooting accumulations and hot water tank ... Come and consult all of our plumbing services and benefits that we provide in the city of Nîmes (30000 & 30900) and its region . We all have the necessary equipment (pump, karcher, ferret, welding machine, etc.) to intervene on all types of problems.

Artisan plombier nîmes

Clear & transparent prices with no surprises - see all our prices

We know that it is difficult to find an honest plumber who can be counted on, and with whom there will be no apprehension at the time of the invoice. Please note that our prices (see our plumber prices ) and costs are always communicated to you before each intervention , that our quotes are free and without obligation. Approved insurance , which will allow you to obtain in a certain number of cases a reimbursement from your insurer in the event of a disaster caused by your water installation. Our goal is to take into consideration your safety, your comfort and your budget . We have for each type of intervention clear and precise packages (unblocking package, leakage package, installation package ...). Be aware that our prices are in most cases 15 to 25% cheaper than plumbers in the Gard region and Nimes in particular.

Prix plombier Nîmes

Sos plumber troubleshooting

Our strengths & guarantees

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  • Skilled plumber craftsman

  • Payment by Cb, Checks, Paypal ...

  • Response in 20 minutes

  • 24/7 emergency

  • Leak and uncorking

  • Any type of plumbing

  • Quality plumber cheap

Plumbers heating Nîmes

  • Plumber heating

  • Air conditioner

  • Efficient, fast and reliable

  • Fixed price with no surprises

  • Free quote

  • Insurance approved

  • Works guaranteed for 1 year

Installations & repairs - see all the services offered

Do you have a heating problem or a plumbing problem in the bathroom or in the kitchen? We can answer all your requests, our plumbers are experienced, trained and equipped to repair and troubleshoot in all situations even the most complex and difficult. Do you want to involve us for the installation of a new water heater, a suspended Wc, a shut-off valve or a mixer tap? no problem for us, we quickly fix an appointment for you to establish a free estimate without commitment and carry out the installation work with your agreement. We put on each site that is entrusted to us a delivery date of the realization. We point out that we have the powers to intervene on gas . Find all of our services and benefits .

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Customer reviews & testimonials - see all customer ratings

The testimonials and opinions of our customers demonstrate their satisfaction regarding our interventions, our prices but also the quality of our service. A customer opinion is sometimes better than a long speech ! Come see our customers' reviews on our google page. Our priority commitments are meeting deadlines, monitoring work, an attractive price and respected quotes. Based in Nîmes, we know the city very well and we strive to build a relationship based on trust with its inhabitants. We know very well that word of mouth is very important in the building and craft industry, so we do our best to satisfy you which will allow you to have your recommendation to your neighbors, families, friends, colleagues and everyone around you ... Our best advertisement is you !!

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Don't have an emergency and want to carry out work?

If you plan to renovate your bathroom, your toilet, your kitchen, or even to make an enlargement of your house or your apartment, the intervention of a plumber will probably be expected . It is therefore very important to take the time necessary to make one or more requests for quotes from professionals. Contact us to set an appointment to discuss your project and your plumbing work, we will study in detail your needs as well as all the specifics of the site . We will be able to provide you with a precise and quantified estimate including the cost of the materials required, the cost of labor and the duration of the work, taking into account the budget that you have set for yourself . View photos of our latest projects and achievements.

Installation et rénovation en plomberie à Nîmes

Good to know

The prices of a plumber in Nîmes can vary from one craftsman to another, so for the sake of customer satisfaction, we play the card of total transparency to avoid any unpleasant surprises when billing. So we made the choice to communicate openly on all of our rates . In all cases, we always communicate a price range during an emergency intervention , and / or also send you a quote in the case of scheduled work. Our prices indicated correspond to day interventions. Increases will apply in the event of breakdown assistance on weekends & public holidays, in the evening & at night, a scheduled intervention will therefore be less costly than breakdown assistance on a Sunday evening! (even if sometimes there is no choice ..). These rates can also be adjusted in the event of difficult access, the dilapidation of the installations already present or during a more complex site. This will then be indicated to you systematically on your quote. Our prices indicated include travel * and labor .

Price example

  • Replacement of a tap: from 60 €

  • Replacement of a worn part: from 60 €

  • Sanitary replacement: from 60 €

  • Replacement of a toilet flush: from € 50

  • Replacement of a broken part: from 50 €

  • Replacement of a water heater: from € 60

  • Advanced leak detection: from € 50

  • Leak repair: from € 60

  • Complex unblocking: billed by the time spent

  • Maintenance package: Boiler: from 90 €

  • Thermal breakdown search: from 70 €

  • Installation of a sink: from 40 €

  • Shower cabin installation: from 80 €

  • Installation of a Hanging WC: from 70 €

  • Installation of a bathtub: from 80 €

  • Water softener installation: from 90 €

  • Mixer repair: from € 40


We show you here a wide range of services offered by our plumbers Nîmes in the context of a plumbing emergency, you will find the 6 largest categories of interventions and troubleshooting (repairs, water heaters, installations. ..) which are often billed at a fixed rate . Our heating plumbers are also competent in other areas not included in this list, it is with pleasure that we will help you to solve your problem relating to plumbing and heating , for that do not hesitate to call us to expose us your project. We will be able to suddenly respond to your request !! Available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.

R éparations leaks
  • Leak detection sink, sink, shower ..

  • Search for bathroom and toilet leaks

  • Leak on radiator

  • Leak on water heater

  • Thorough leak detection (camera)

  • Leak repairs

  • Troubleshooting leaks and plugs in sinks, toilets, faucets, tubs and sewer pipes

  • Leak detection on pool & basin

  • Uses of cameras

  • Unblocking of pipeline

  • Complex unblocking

  • Sewer remediation

  • Unclogging toilet and WC

  • Unclogging sink

  • Unclogging sink

  • Unclogging s iphon

  • Manual disgorging (pump or ferret)

  • Unclogging by pump truck

  • Unblocking by Karcher

  • Cleaning & cleaning of pipes

Plumbing repairs
  • Replacement of defective part

  • Cold and hot water pressure loss

  • WC troubleshooting

  • Faucet and mixer repair

  • Hot water tank fault finding

  • Radiator troubleshooting

  • Pipe repair

  • Small plumbing repair

  • Replacement stop valve

  • Trouble shooting

Water heaters & Heating
  • Water heater installation

  • Water heater repair

  • Accumulation of cumulus and water heater

  • Installation of cumulus

  • Replacement of cumulus security group

  • Installation of gas and oil fired boilers

  • Gas boiler repair

  • Boiler maintenance

  • Repair and installation of water and steam piping

  • Radiator sludge removal

  • Plumber heating Nimes

Plumbing installation
  • Toilet flush replacement

  • Faucet replacement

  • Mixer tap installation

  • Renovation of silicone bathtub seal

  • Siphon and sink replacement

  • Replacement of shower hoses

  • Removal of bidets or sinks

  • Dishwasher installation

  • Washing machine installation

  • Pressure reducing installation

  • WC stop valve installation

  • Plumbing installation

Large plumbing installation
  • Bath installation & replacement

  • Hanging WC installation

  • Sanibroyer WC installation

  • Sanitary replacement

  • Installation of water meters

  • Bathroom and Kitchen Renovation

  • Water circulation pump installation

  • Water installation works

  • Sanitary equipment

  • Installation of air conditioning

  • Plumbing site

  • Plumbing fixtures

Where and how to find a plumber in Nimes

Where to find a good plumber in Nîmes ? It is never easy to find a plumber available, competent and at inexpensive prices ... We are at your disposal and at your service for any rapid and effective interventions on Nîmes and its agglomeration: Free estimate and advice, we are at your disposal also for the realization or the renovation of bathroom and kitchen. A leak under the water heater? to change a flush mechanism? : our plumbers in Nîmes are at your disposal every day 24/7 , and can be reached both at night and at weekends, a plumber in Nîmes moves quickly to your home or to the location of the damage (generally in less than 1/2 hour) in order to provide you with an express service and delivery in plumbing and troubleshooting carried out by expert plumbers. Consult the towns and villages of Gard or you can call on our emergency breakdown services.

The municipalities where our Gard plumbers can intervene
  • Plumber Aubord 30620

  • Plumber Bellegarde 30127

  • Plumber Bernis 30620

  • Plumber Bezouce 30320

  • Plumber Bouillargues 30230

  • Plumber Cabrières 30210

  • Plumber Clarensac 30870

  • Plumber Caissargues 30132

  • Plumber Dions 30190

  • Plumber Calvisson 30420

  • Plumber Caveirac 30820

  • Plumber Garons 30128

  • Plumber Générac 30510

  • Plumber Jonquières 30300

  • Plumber La Calmette 30190

  • Plumber Langlade 30980

  • Plumber Lédenon 30210

  • Plumber Manduel 30129

  • Plumber Marguerittes 30320

  • Plumber Meynes 30840

  • Plumber Milhaud 30540

  • Plumber Nîmes 30000

  • Plumber Nîmes 30900

  • Plumber Poulx 30320

  • Plumber Redessan 30129

  • Plumber Rodilhan 30230

  • Plumber St Anastasie 30190

  • Plumber St Gervasy 30320

  • Plumber Sernhac 30210

  • Plumber Uchaud 30620

Do not hesitate to contact us if your city is not on this list.

The intervention perimeter map
carte intervention plombier nimes

Call us now on 06 52 16 32 69   For a price estimate

Over 15 years of experience

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The plumbing & heating brands

We thank all our partner suppliers who allow us to offer you the best plumbing prices throughout the year . Indeed, we work with the biggest brands and provide for a large majority the after sales service.

Our collaboration with its manufacturers (Porcher, Thermor, Delafon, Saunier Duval, Fleck, De Dietrich ..) both in domestic and in branded sanitary ensures excellent quality of services and advice. Our heating plumbers can carry out annual maintenance on your boilers, repair your heating system or replace it with a new model that is more efficient and economical in electricity consumption.

We will of course know how to carry out all maintenance or troubleshooting of your equipment . As you know it is very important to periodically carry out maintenance work, this is even compulsory for a good number of heating systems. Quickly get an estimate for the intervention of a professional plumber at your home. Do not hesitate to contact us from Monday to Saturday for more information, and schedule an appointment to establish a free quote without obligation .

The most popular brands

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Your insurer can reimburse you

As owner or tenant, you must have subscribed to a home insurance including a guarantee against water damage , whatever your responsibility. It is very important to know the details, in order to obtain a full or partial reimbursement from your insurer in the event of a plumbing concern.
Thanks to this home insurance you will be able to benefit from compensation for the damage suffered on your household appliances, your furniture, etc. This will also have to cover the damage caused to the decoration, the floor covering, the paintings and the elements. bathroom or even your kitchen ... Plumbing breakdown in Nîmes cheap advise you to contact your insurer to know the precise details of your contract as part of your plumbing breakdown insurance !

It is important to clarify and note that in the majority of cases, it is indicated in the clauses of your plumbing insurance that the breakdown warranty applies only to the installations that are insured, and that you can justify maintenance . It should also be noted that for heating installations, these guarantees do not generally cover the change of a boiler or a cumulus . Once again approach your insurer for more information.

Approved with all insurance

For each intervention, service and intervention, a detailed invoice is sent to you, indicating the nature of the work, any parts replaced or repaired, the hourly rate applied, the cost of the trip, etc. In addition to all these details will also appear on the invoice. the siret number and all the necessary information you will need to be reimbursed by the insurer. Consult the non-exhaustive list of insurers.

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" Thank you again for your intervention, I will recommend you to those around me " by Myriam P.

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" Plumber effective " by Stéphane E.

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