Cumulative troubleshooting in Nîmes

You no longer have hot water? Have you noticed a significant leak in your cumulus? Look no further, this indicates that your water heater has broken down, and that this will have a serious impact on your comfort. If you are in Nîmes, call us immediately for your troubleshooting of water heaters , we will intervene quickly to establish a free and immediate diagnosis of your failure and establish the cost of repairs if possible (such as a change in the security group) or then consider replacing your cumulus with a new model if it is unusable because worn over time and lime buildup .

Replacement of the water heater safety group

For the replacement of a security group we have a package which includes a new security group as well as labor and travel. This cumulus repair being the most frequent, we always have stock on the security groups, which allows us to be able to help you out 7/7 and 24/24 in case of emergency. We can repair all types of brands and models of water heaters , we have indeed gained great experience over the years. Note that during troubleshooting of cumulus in Nîmes or boiler , we will systematically establish a non-binding estimate before starting the repair intervention.

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