Sink replacement in Nîmes

Sometimes replacing a sink or sink is necessary when renovating your kitchen or bathroom. Installing a new kitchen sink is a work that seems complex but very easy for Sos Plombier Nîmes. Our Nîmes plumbers are available to change your old sink or sink too heavy for you. By entrusting us with this mission, it is the guarantee of having your new element securely fixed and without any leakage for the next 20 years! The daily use of sinks and sinks requires that their assemblies be carried out in a professional manner, respecting the rules and standards in force in plumbing.

Installation of sink and siphon in Nîmes

We install all kinds of sinks and sinks such as stainless steel, stoneware, ceramic, granite, quartz sinks ... not to mention the pedestal sinks and sinks. Whether your sink is built-in or free-standing , you can entrust us with its assembly and the installation of taps and mixers . Do not forget that installing a sink is not so easy to do, and that to avoid problems it is better to entrust this mission to an experienced plumber. Like all plumbing work, installing a sink is tricky. If it is a drain for a kitchen sink, a bathroom sink or a siphon, you will find more information on this page .

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