Troubleshooting water softener in Nîmes

The water softener is really useful when the water in your town is particularly limestone, because it will settle in your pipes and damaged your household appliances such as a dishwasher, a washing machine or your facilities sanitary (shower, bath, Wc ...). Is your water softener clogged, broken or broken? If you observe for example that your water is abnormally salty or if you have a problem with the adjustment of the regeneration, know that we intervene in Nîmes and its region within a radius of 15 km for the repair and the repair of your water softener. water ( all brands, and all models ). We also assure the assembly, the putting into service and the installation of Nimes water softener, know that all our quotes are free, and without any commitment.

Installation of scale and limestone filtration station

In Nîmes we have so-called very hard water, with a relatively high TH (see our article in our blog on softeners ) The anti-scale and anti-scale filtration stations make it possible to protect your water pipes from limestone and scale thus improving for example the lifetime of your accumulations a solution which is less expensive than a water softener but also less effective. We are at your service for the installation of a complete station , a repair in case of urgent need on the filter holders, troubleshooting on a leak at the seals, or simply the replacement of the station filters (anti cartridge limestone, anti-scale cartridge, anti-particle cartridge ...). Sos Plombier Nîmes will advise you on the different methods of treating your hard water.

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