Tap and mixer installation in Nîmes

installation de robinet et mitigeur nimes

Sos Plombier Nîmes offers its services for the installation of kitchen or bathroom taps and the installation of mixing valves. Replacing a mixer will ensure you bring a different look to your kitchen and will definitively end any water leaks from your old installation! It is also useful to know that changing your tap or mixer can save you a lot of money on your water consumption , thanks to an efficient aerator or a good thermostatic tap. We can establish you a free estimate for the assembly and connection of your tap or your mixer, contact to make an appointment.

Faucet repair in the event of a leak

A leaky or malfunctioning faucet is an emergency problem! Thanks to a free diagnostic from our plumbers, you will know if it is sometimes possible to repair your mixer or if you need to change it. In many cases, changing the seal will stop the leak. We can also install a new shut-off valve, assemble a water inlet tap for your washing machine , or even add one or more outdoor taps for your garden. . Ask for your 100% free quote including parts (if not supplied), labor and travel within a radius of 20 km around Nîmes.