Nîmes water leak detection

Have you noticed any unusual puddles? traces of humidity? signs of water infiltration such as mold on your walls? or does your neighbor indicate water flows in their apartment which is adjoining yours? This indicates that you have a water leak on your installation but that it is not visible because it is located either in your floor, the ceiling or in the wall. Before repair can be carried out, it is necessary to detect where the built-in leak is . We therefore use in these cases a specially equipped camera which allows the search for Nimes leaks at the exact location of the water loss in the duct. Blog article to read .

Water leak repair in Nîmes

When the leak is located, the second step is to repair it. Our professional plumbers will always tell you the price of the repair before starting work, and how they will proceed. Indeed, when the built-in leak is in the ground for example, this will generate a larger site because it will already have to access the drilled pipe to repair it and then restore your surface. We use the methods adapted to each type of installation , from the simple sleeve to the more complex welding, through the partial replacement of a water inlet pipe if necessary, we guarantee you a quality work that will resist the time.

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